SST International provides you with all the benefits of a large company, and none of the shortcomings.  We think big when it benefits our clients to think big.

We’re Big On Experience

      Our principals have been in the customs brokerage business since 1964.  They formed SST in 1977 because they knew they could offer a higher level of service to the importing public.  Our experienced staff includes several licensed brokers.  In fact, all of our personnel are experts in their specialty, and our principals still take an active part in running the business.

We’re Big On Service

      SST does it all – complete international service.  We negotiate freight costs, marine insurance and customs bonds at competitive rates.  We offer a world-wide network of support than can handle transport of goods from point of origin to the final destination, and every step in between.

We’re Big On Accessibility

      When it comes to service, SST never misses the boat.  You can call us 7 days a week, 365 day a year.  We’re available during your operating hours, no matter what corner of the world your business takes you to.

We’re Big On The Future

      We move quickly in response to the rapidly changing import-export industry.  SST was among the very first to computerize in order to expedite our clients’ customs transactions (Automated Broker Interface).  And our state-of-the-art technology will enable us to meet all future requirements such as Electronic Data Interface.

But we have to admit.

There is one thing you can get from a bigger company that you can’t get from us.



We’ll never lose you in a crowd.  We know our clients.  We want to keep them.  And we accomplish that by offering the most personalized service available, tailoring our service to meet the needs of each client.  And by making sure we understand their special requirements.

At SST, our service really does extend to the corners of the earth.  And combines the best of both worlds.